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Hajj E Ifrad


If one intend to perform only hajj but not Umrah it is called Al-Ifrad. Those who live within the limits of Haram or within Meeqats, can perform hajj-e-Ifrad. Even those living in Jeddah can also perform hajj-e-Ifrad. In this category of hajj one has to enter into Ihram with the intent of hajj only but without Umrah. They should not perform Umrah during the hajj season.Ever those living outside the Meeqats or limits of Haram (much known as Afaqis) can also perform hajj in this category. This is known as “Mufrad” wherein animal sacrifice is not obligatory.

Niyyah of Hajj e Ifrad

“O Allah, I intend to perform hajj. Make thou the same easy for me and accept it from me. I have conceived the Niyyat for hajj and I have adopted the Ihram sincerely for Allah.”
A pilgrim has to accomplish the following in hajj-e-Ifrad: Ihram—- a sacred state. Compulsory. Tawaf Qudoom. It is a Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). Waqoof or stay at Arafat —– An essential (Rukun). Waqoof at Muzdalfa—– Duty or obligatory (Wajib). Stoning of Jamrah-e-Al-Aqabah (The greater Satan) Duty or obligatory. Animal Sacrifice or Immolation—– optional. Shaving of Head—– Duty or obligation (Wajib). Tawaf-e-Ziarat (Ifadah)—— Essential / Fundamental (Rukun). Saee—Walk between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah—- Duty (Wajib). Stoning of all three Jamrahs (Pillars)—– Duty (Wajib). Tawaf-al-Wida—–Duty or obligatory (Wajib).